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Spicy Herbal Seafood Salad


A refreshing and fiery delight! This salad features a medley of boiled shrimp, scallops, squid, and mussels, tossed with red onions, and fragrant lemongrass. Topped with sliced almond and pinenut all coated in a zesty and spicy herb coconut dressing.

Pla Sam Rod


Tempura Mahi Mahi is expertly cooked to perfection.

Top off with tangy sauce that adds a refreshing element to the dish. The combination of flavors from the three-flavor sauce and the tangy topping creates a harmonious fusion that will satisfy even the most discerning palate. Served with white rice.

Coconut Delight


Immerse yourself in the tropical flavors of our Homemade Coconut Gelato served alongside Thapthim Krop, the beloved Thai Ruby. This dessert is a timeless Thai classic renowned for its exquisite taste and textures

Spicy Herbal Seafood Salad  $15

Pla Sam Rod $28

Coconut Delight $12 

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